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Woman pocketed over $ 100,000 in home purchase fraud scheme


A woman has been arrested for allegedly depriving a person of more than $ 100,000 in the sale of a house, Laredo police say.

Sandra Rocio Garza, 40, has received an arrest warrant accusing her of theft for a felony.

On February 15, a woman reported to police headquarters that Garza had allegedly deprived her of $ 107,652. She told police she contacted Garza to help her buy a house in Laredo. Garza reportedly asked for $ 28,000 to be able to bid on a house in the 9,500 block of Ashton Loop, according to LPD.

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The complainant waited a long time but no purchase was made. Garza told him the price had gone up. The woman wanted her money back, but Garza convinced her to wait and offered to help her with another home purchase within her budget, police said.

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They looked at a house in the 400 block of Carreta Court, and she gave Garza more money to place another bid. By that time, she had given Garza a total of $ 58,000, the complaint says. But the purchase was never made, according to LPD.

Garza reportedly claimed that the offer was not accepted and that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development had kept the bond but that a lawyer would help them recover the funds, police said.

Three months later, the complainant became interested in another house in the 900 block of Deer Lane. She gave Garza extra money to cover the sale price of $ 95,000, LPD said. Garza reportedly told him the offer was accepted.

The house was to be purchased for the sale price of $ 95,000 and an additional $ 12,650 for closing costs. However, the complainant alleged that she never had the house because Garza continued to apologize to her, the complaint states.

According to the affidavit, Garza would not answer or return the complainant’s phone calls. Garza even changed his address, says the complaint. Frustrated, the complainant said she asked the police for help.

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On February 22, an investigator spoke to Garza in the 5100 block of Shark Bay Road.

“(Garza) immediately stated that she was disturbed and harassed by (the complainant) and her husband. She mentioned that they threw eggs at her vehicles and that she had a lawyer representing her, ”the affidavit states.

Garza felt threatened and filed a peace bond against the plaintiff, according to court documents.

“The findings of the investigation revealed that Sandra Garza defrauded (the complainant) and deprived her of $ 107,652 by cheating on her and making her believe that she was helping him buy a house. (Garza) stated in his affidavit that HUD kept $ 58,000 of the deposit on the property at 418 Carreta, but HUD does not keep any funds other than a deposit, ”the affidavit states.

“She also led (the complainant) to believe that she had purchased the property at 927 Deer Lane when in fact the property was lost and HUD retained the $ 1,000 deposit after (Garza) did not pay the full price of $ 90,000. In addition, (Garza) charged (the complainant) $ 12,652 to pay closing costs when, according to the contract, there were no closing costs to pay.


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