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Vacation Home Rentals Big Enough for the Whole Family, Near Chicago

A pervasive sense of making up for lost time persists, even as more people are vaccinated and can hug friends and family again. Spending quality time with each other, without too many outside distractions, is the modus operandi as we slide into summer. What better way to connect with loved ones than to stay together, all under one roof? Vacation rentals provide the perfect setting for cooking with the grandparents in the kitchen, playing board games with the kids at the table, roasting marshmallows in the garden, and staying up late watching movies while snuggling up on the couch.

“It was very obvious after the first few months of COVID that people wanted a change of scenery,” says Jason Milovich, co-owner of Bluefish Vacation Rentals. “After months spent within the same four walls, the demand to escape to a place where one felt safe was overwhelming.”

Self-contained rental homes have become a haven for travel hungry people, humans who want to safely distance themselves from crowds socially, yet want to enjoy a new destination with their families. And, while tourism is slowly and cautiously coming back online, many tourists still fear flying. Road trips, focused on outdoor experiences, spend their day in the sun.

“A lot of the main attractions in Southwest Michigan are outdoors-based (beaches, woods, parks, etc.), so this was the perfect destination for travelers,” says Milovich. “Most of our clients could drive an hour or two from their homes and come to us for their vacations and getaways. We have seen this demand continue throughout the fall and winter. “

For Chicagoans, Get Away With The Family To Experience Port country, along the shores of Lake Michigan, couldn’t be easier. Bluefish Vacation Rentals, Southwest Michigan’s largest vacation rental company, facilitates approved rentals for over 85 signature properties, located just 90 minutes from Chicago.

Cottage Tree Wheel, located in Sawyer, Michigan, is one such property that is large enough to accommodate your whole family. Room for 12 people, this home is near Lake Michigan and Warren Dunes State Park. Your family will have plenty of room to spread out: there’s a fire pit in the backyard and a large screened porch for socializing over a glass of wine. Kids will love the bunk room with six beds and a sofa. There is also an outdoor shower. Fully stocked with everything you could possibly need, all you need to do is show up.

“For me, the shift from hotels to private rentals had already started even before COVID,” says Milovich. “The pandemic has only amplified this change. The idea of ​​a family or group of friends being able to stay in one central location for themselves was particularly appealing during COVID. Guests feel more secure knowing that they can walk into a property without having to meet anyone and that they will be the only guests staying at their destination. With a hotel, you have staff, cleaners, maintenance workers, and other customers coming and going in shared spaces. You don’t have these worries with a private rental.

Whether you want a charming beachside bungalow, a sprawling and luxurious lakefront estate, or something in between, the extensive portfolio of homes in New Buffalo, Lakeside, Harbert, Sawyer, Grand Beach, and Union Pier will fit the bill. most definitely the needs of your family.

“We can organize experiences for our clients like private chefs, yoga teachers, sunset cruises, equipment rentals and more,” says Milovich. “Our team can pick up your groceries and drop them off at your property, before your arrival. We can have your car detailing while you soak up the sun. Whatever the demand of our customers, we strive to meet their needs.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, trust Bluefish Vacation Rentals to help you out, this is where they shine. The team knows exactly where to find the best restaurants, farmers’ markets, antique shops and boutiques, wine tasting rooms, ice cream parlors and secluded places to watch the sun sink below the horizon. If you are interested in local events and festivals, like live music in the parks or independent film screenings, or if you want to arrange a wine or brewery tour, they will be your resource throughout your trip. family retreat.

Our mission statement is “Create memories, one guest at a time” and we mean every word of it, ”says Milovich.

Warren Dunes State Park, which has three miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and a 260-foot sand dune, is a nearby draw. You will have plenty of opportunities to swim, stand up paddleboard, fish, picnic and hike. Warren Dunes-Blue Jay Trail, Warren Dunes-Mt. Randall Trail, Warren Dunes-Nature Trail Where Warren Dunes Yellow Birch Loop are great choices for hikers of all ages who enjoy exploring the outdoors and discovering natural landscapes and ecosystems.

“We don’t just give you a key and call it a day,” says Milovich. “We are there for all of our guests before, during and after their stay. “

Where to grab a bite to eat: some suggestions nearby


David’s charcuterie: 30 N. Whittaker St., New Buffalo

Cassis bakery: 9911 Town Line Ave., Union Pier

Oaks Restaurant: 8 South Elm Street, Three Oaks

Joe’s Coffee Market: 600 West Water Street, New Buffalo

The peasant pantry: 12856 Route de la Flèche Rouge, Sawyer

Jackie’s Coffee: 801 West Buffalo Street, New Buffalo

Viola Coffee: 102 North Elm Street, Three Oaks

Luisa’s Café and Harbert Suédois Bakery: 13698 Route de la Flèche Rouge, Harbert


Stray dog ​​and grill: 245 North Whittaker Street, New Buffalo

Bentwood Tavern: 600 West Water Street, New Buffalo

Italian Brewster Coffee: 11 West Merchant St., New Buffalo

Villa Nova Pizzeria: 134 East Buffalo St., New Buffalo

Having dinner:

Terrace room: 111 West Water Street, New Buffalo

Beer Church Brewery: 24 South Whittaker Street, New Buffalo

Colibri Lounge: 9 South Barton, New Buffalo

Restaurant Timothée: 164 Red Arrow Road, Union Pier

Tabor Hill Vineyard: 185 Mount Tabor Road, Buchanan

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