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Upscale vacation home rentals have a moment

While many aspects of travel have changed in 2020, three of them are exemplified in the McKinley idea. One: Guests are staying at properties longer than ever before. Second, they opt to rent homes in rural areas (Airbnb has seen a 25 percent increase in remote reservations). And third: where once visitors were too ‘wanderers’ to spend quality time in the accommodation of their choice, now there aren’t many places to go. outraged your temporary home. So it’s no surprise that in this era of pandemic a new trend has emerged – vacations where you can both physically and visually get away from it all. While location was used to trump poor interior design, well-appointed homes like the McKinley Bungalow are suddenly the main draw.

And it’s not just in the Hamptons. Airbnb, for example, has seen a massive increase in the number of users renting homes for long-term “work stays”. One of their most popular properties for this purpose? This architecturally significant IT-House in Southern California, this mid century modern Airstream, or that renovated 19th century Connecticut barn that epitomizes rustic chic style. When the company launched Airbnb Luxe last year, it is betting on good design: it offers several houses, for example those of Kelly Wearstler.

In Jackson, Wyoming, the famous design and development group Jackson Home Business is also aimed at this new niche clientele. They are now offering some of their residential properties for sale, with interiors filled with local art and neo-western furniture, for those looking for long-term rentals. Minimum length of stay? 30 days.

Hey, these days the inside is just as important as the outside. If you’re booking a home away from home, it might as well be wonderful.

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