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The Guillemot family plans to buy Ubisoft – Destructoid

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In a timeline where a wide variety of studios and publishers seem to be selling out, AAA studio Ubisoft seems to be doubling down on the concept of self-ownership. According to a report from SeekingAlpha, Ubisoft’s founding family, the Guillemots, are considering buying the company themselves.

Ubisoft was created in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers, with Yves currently as CEO, a role he has held since 1988. The former “Ubi Soft” was formed as a generalist multimedia company, before branching out quickly focus on the house. computers and games. Today, Ubisoft is one of the most recognized game developers, having led hugely successful franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six Siegeand The division.

Although they are the founders of the company, the Guillemot family’s stake in Ubisoft currently represents approximately 16% of the ownership and 22% of the voting shares. Following a Bloomberg report that suggests Ubisoft may be on the hunt for a new owner, the Guillemots are believed to be looking for a partnership to buy the publisher with. According to Bloomberg, Guillemots’ closest competitor is investment firm Blackstone, which already owns shares in major companies such as Google and Epic Games.

Ubisoft has come under intense scrutiny in recent years following reports of sexual harassment, abuse, and other toxic behavior within the studio. Despite promises to improve the health and safety of its huge international base of employees, internal “A Better Ubisoft” campaigners insist little progress has been made since the first allegations came to light. summer 2020.

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