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temperature changes mean buying carbon monoxide detectors to reduce risk of exposure | New

CHERRY VALLEY (WREX) – As the winter months approach, more and more people are looking to use their fireplaces and furnaces, but run the possible risk of exposure to carbon monoxide – an issue that buying a a detector can solve.

Cherry Valley Fire Department captain Kristopher Gay says the station gets too many calls about it this time of year.

“We’re seeing an increase in carbon monoxide calls because these fireplaces and furnaces are working for the first time in a while,” Gay said.

Although the signs of carbon monoxide come mostly from unmaintained chimneys, they can also be detected by other kitchen appliances.

“A stove that doesn’t burn properly or a gas stove that has aging parts can also give off carbon monoxide,” Gay said.

One way to avoid this is to track things in your home, like your chimney, fireplaces, and furnaces, and buy carbon monoxide detectors at your local supermarkets like Home Depot or Walmart.

If you are experiencing carbon monoxide, some symptoms to look for are red face, headache, and nausea. According to Gay, these are considered common flu symptoms, but can harm your health if they go unnoticed.

“They call it the silent killer, because it’s not something you can smell or see or hear, so without a detector you would never know.”

You should change the battery in your carbon monoxide detector every three to six months, like you do with smoke detectors, or if you plug them into an outlet if you have one that doesn’t run on battery power.