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Teampay Introduces Teampay for Marketers to Transform the Marketing Services Buying Process

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Teampay, the all-in-one shopping platform, today announced a new program for marketers looking for greater visibility and control over marketing spend during this time. of economic uncertainty. Teampay for marketers is a one-of-a-kind personalized offering designed specifically to help marketers spend at the speed of business, with proactive checks, upfront approvals, Slack and Teams integrations, and real-time spend visibility.

Recognizing that marketing teams often have the largest and most complex buying needs, Teampay now offers a unique way to satisfy the CMO’s need to empower individual team members while managing all marketing spend with one centralized visibility in real time. Teampay for Marketers gives the entire marketing department controlled and timely access to company funds, eliminating the headache of sharing a company card or waiting weeks for a purchase order. Plus, this solution provides on-demand visibility into invoice status, instantly improving supplier relationships without bogging down the finance department with back-and-forth follow-ups.

“As a CMO, making investments that are positive in terms of return on investment is critical,” said Andrea Kayal, CMO at Electric. “With Teampay, I can make better decisions faster because I have real-time visibility into expense requests. Teampay not only reduces the number of hours needed to reconcile marketing expense reports and research vendor payments with finance, but Teampay also allows my team to make purchases, without borrowing a card or using their own personal funds.”

Traditionally, marketers have been left in the dark when it comes to tracking spend against budgets and quickly identifying where to optimize campaigns. With Teampay for Marketers, customers get:

  • Control and spend visibility in one central place for advertising, events, MarTech, and more.

  • Streamlined invoice processing workflows that provide better visibility into tracking purchase orders, invoices, and bill payments

  • Transparent recurring payments for the entire marketing organization

  • Automations and integrations that allow marketing teams to buy what they need precisely when they need it; no more paperwork or missed deadlines

  • Real-time reporting, with insight into category, vendor, buyer and beyond, so marketers know exactly where their budgets are at without having to wait for finance to pull in the actual numbers

  • Plus, coming soon: smart notifications that help teams prioritize and track expenses while reducing manual tasks, and more!

“As businesses evolve, marketing is one of the most important controllable expenses, but also one of the most critical engines of growth, especially in these uncertain times,” said Andrew Hoag, Founder and CEO of Team pay. “As the economy begins to cool, it’s more critical than ever to give marketing teams real-time visibility into their spend, ensure every dollar is spent effectively, and enable ongoing adjustments without waiting for the month-end close. We are excited to offer a more modern way to increase the efficiency of customer acquisition for our clients.”

For more information visit: https://bit.ly/3OghTaU

About Teampay

Teampay helps high-growth businesses streamline the purchasing process across virtual cards, physical cards, invoices and refunds. The only purchasing software designed for employees, Teampay’s automated workflows allow employees to quickly purchase what they need while adhering to policy. The platform issues secure payment methods with built-in checks and reconciles transactions in the customer’s accounting system in real time. This modern approach to purchasing eliminates unauthorized and out-of-policy spending, provides full visibility for finance, and helps build better relationships between finance and employees. Teampay was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in New York.