Takeover of Credit in Belgium: 5 Alternatives to Over-indebtedness


To be BB file or to be in litigation, it is always a sum of problems to be regulated. The best is still to avoid being banned banking because difficult to predict how to get out of the consequences of a file at the Belbank. The time is no longer for personal loans or consumer credit in a BergiBank, but rather for solutions to over-indebtedness (to avoid getting there). Among them, the buyout loan is a credible alternative.

Credit Redemption Organizations in Belgium for Registered Persons Belbank (among others)

Credit Redemption Organizations in Belgium for Registered Persons Belbank (among others)

Make a loan by BB is complicated, the banks are vigilant, and it’s normal. The over-indebtedness in Belgium is a real problem, against which it is necessary to fight, and that passes by a restricted credit for a banking file with the NatBel.

For those who want to avoid this, it is possible to go through a broker to buy credit, via a mortgage, or a debt consolidation. To make a credit redemption in Belgium, we selected a few organizations. Membership review.

The purchase of credit with Carfinet

The purchase of credit with Carfinet

Among the credit solutions offered by Carfinet (other than the car loan) is the buyout of credit in Belgium. This solution makes it possible to reduce its debt repayment budget and to review its monthly payments. All credits are grouped into one, for a more balanced budget, and better controlled.

What credits are being redeemed?

To group your debts is to have the possibility of paying only one credit. We can take advantage of the redemption to anticipate repayments and courses, and pay them early. Among the credits, we find most often:

  • Unauthorized bank overdraft
  • Credits for consumption, revolving or not
  • Department store credit cards, with use of the reserve
  • Financing your car (often quite large credits)
  • The home loan, whether it is works or developments

If Carfinet is not to be confused with a body for debt distress, its capital contribution can help not to go to over-indebtedness. Of course, for a person without a job or who touches the minimum social in Belgium, it seems complicated to go through a broker of this type, unless you own your home. Important: borrowing money costs money, be careful not to exceed its monthly repayment capacity.

How to make a Bankil loan in Belgium?

How to make a Bankil loan in Belgium?

The purchase of credit rebalances the budgets that need it, in case of too many loans to repay. Indeed, accidents of life that sometimes, one does not earn enough to pay all its monthly payments. We must find solutions to reduce them (even if the duration is longer), and to calm creditors, if unfortunately, we got there.

Loan buyback allows you to consolidate all your installment loans into a single loan, be it a loan to buy a car or a personal loan. The simplification of the debt buyback makes it possible to have only one creditor, and therefore only one monthly payment.

Important for the repurchase: when subscribing for a repurchase of loans, it is imperative to know the amount of the new monthly payments, and the date of taking of end of repayment in order to budget in the duration the clearance of the liabilities.

The benefits of buying back credit with Bankil

This Internet consumer credit specialist for 25 years can make available to the borrower up to 25,000 euros in the context of its acceptance of a repurchase of credit. Bankil Belgium thus makes it possible to lighten its monthly payments.

The reduction of the monthly repayment up to 50%, all of course depends on the credits in progress. We can better manage repayments, and have a fixed monthly payment, known in advance, to repay. Be careful to integrate the lengthening of the repayment in relation to its outstanding debts, in case of repurchase of loans.

For an installment loan of 50,000 euros, you have to count on a APR of 10.50% over 42 months.

Renegotiate loans with Creditbore Belgium

Renegotiate loans with Creditbore Belgium

Creditbore is primarily for homeowners who are struggling in Belgium, either because it can not cope with their deadlines, or because the bailiffs are not very far. Owning real estate allows you to have something to put in the balance, during a renegotiation or a new loan to clean up your debts.

Making a loan at Creditbore does not require changing banks, so you can keep your deposit account, and avoid tedious steps. Renegotiating your credit is one way to lower your interest rate, and thus rebalance your budget if necessary.

Creditbore is not a bank but a broker who will negotiate with financial institutions to look for the best rate of borrowing, in order to lower the interest paid until now. It is a broker who is used to this type of procedure, so we can consider that Creditbore has some experience to put to his credit.

Warning: it will be difficult to redeem credit after 75 years. Insurance often does not want to take the risk of insuring an aging borrower. In any case, after 80 years, it’s almost impossible.

Creditbore, for owners in difficulty in Belgium

It’s not because you own your house or your apartment that you can not have money problems, especially if you’ve taken out too many loans, there’s a time when repayments can be difficult, especially in the event of a decline in income.

An owner with late payments can find solutions from a broker specializing in credit redemption, even if it is registered at the Belbank. The BB file is not a prohibition in itself.

To buy back its credits is to get rid of its debts, at least of all others except the latter subscribed, and thus experience less stress in the management of its budget. As for the seizures being made by the bailiffs, they can be stopped if the creditors are paid.

Creditbore can thus take care of paying the following loans:

Mortgages, whatever the reasons for which they were subscribed.

  • Personal loans, even if the loan was made for the purchase of a vehicle (car, motorcycle, caravan, scooter).
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Money reserves
  • All cash facilities

Centralize your debts with creditcall

Centralize your debts with creditcall

The repurchase of credit will not only make it possible to settle the debts, and to regroup them in one. It is also an opportunity to borrow a little more, to be able to achieve another project, not necessarily financially accessible until now.

The purchase of credit is a trick, which will reduce its debt ratio and its credit charges. Of course, the counterpart is the lengthening of the repayment period. This is the dark side of the force. For an owner, this is the opportunity to close the litigation, and move on.

The new loan put in place will make it possible to settle all the credits, but also the late invoices, the taxes, to pay his holidays or the repairs of his car on hold. Same thing if the house needs urgent work. It is a solution against over-indebtedness, even if there are others. A quick reaction to his financial problems makes it possible to avoid reaching this point.

GAS: an association that helps people who are over-indebted in Belgium

GAS: an association that helps people who are over-indebted in Belgium

The Overindebtedness Action Group helps to get out of debt, and avoid being unable to live because too much debt. Its action is primarily a mediation with creditors, to try to renegotiate debts, but can also be a legal action if no agreement is found.

The GAS provides assistance to debtors in Belgium who are in financial difficulty, and informs debtors about their rights. The causes of debt are many: divorce, unemployment, illness, but to any problem, there is a solution to implement to continue living in acceptable conditions.

It is important to react, and to initiate mediation procedures to reduce debts, or lower interest rates, if one is unable to repay one’s credit.

Benefits of debt mediation

Debt mediation will take into account a household’s debt load, and ensure that they can start on the right foot while continuing to repay. There are several solutions, including lengthening the term, a lower interest rate, or the simple cleansing of certain debts if that is possible. If amicable debt mediation can not be implemented, some court proceedings may be implemented.

In the end, there are alternatives to buying back credit in Belgium, and getting help from an association that helps people who are over-indebted is one of them. Indeed, the purchase of credit is just another credit, so distrust, especially for people who have low incomes or who are experiencing difficulties with the BB.