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SWIFT HOMES, a Chicago-based home buying company, offers quick cash deals to homeowners in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

A Chicago-based home buying company offers quick cash deals to homeowners in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

(CHICAGO, Illinois) – NEWS: Chicago-based Swift Homes is one of the largest cash home buyers in the Southern United States. Help homeowners sell their residential properties quickly for optimum value. Swift Homes buys homes as is, making the process easy and efficient while providing our clients with peace of mind.

Traditional real estate sales include a fee for lack of a proper customer experience which is usually inconvenient and unsecured. This is not the case with Swift Homes. The company primarily purchases single-family homes which are then rented out to local families. However, they take other types of properties into account.

Swift Homes has Best Price Cash Deals, a very experienced home buying company backed by a strong private equity fund. He can complete the entire transaction in as little as ten days. When residents of Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina sell to Swift Homes, they don’t need to invest time and money in major repairs and modifications. As the name suggests, Swift Homes is committed to providing every homeowner with a quick and easy fence.

Having purchased over 5,000 homes across the country, Swift Homes staff have had the opportunity to work with those looking to sell their properties quickly for a variety of reasons, including changes in occupancy, family emergencies and d ‘other urgent situations. Many clients working with Swift Homes have found that the ability to achieve high value for their homes in a relatively short period of time is critical to their overall financial well-being.

The standard and proven process that Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina sellers follow with Swift Homes begins with submitting a brief information form regarding the property itself. Upon receipt and evaluation of the form, the team will provide a personalized proposal with their reliable cash offer. If the seller indicates that the offer is acceptable, Swift Homes will schedule a hands-on inspection of the home to thoroughly assess its current condition. At this point, the transaction is finalized, with the seller selecting a closing date that best meets their particular needs. To complete the process, Swift Homes will make the agreed cash payment.

Swift Homes believe they are the ideal cash home buyers with their unmatched process and reliable offers. With the support of the private equity fund, cash offers are reliable and transparent. Their clients don’t have to worry about conditional financing issues or seeing the deal drag on. The staff at Swift Homes also want potential customers to know that sellers are in control from start to finish. While the company only makes offers that it deems to be truly competitive and fair, sellers have every right to refuse and will never be forced to accept a deal that makes them uncomfortable.

Homeowners in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina can speak to a Swift Homes representative by calling (877) 861-2466. To learn more about Swift Homes and their process, please visit http://www.selltoswift.com/ or send an email to [email protected]

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