Serious home loan offers in France

The offer of credit between individuals is vast, but in terms of finding loans between serious individuals in France, the list is shrinking, especially when it comes to sites that offer reliable loans between individuals. The leader of the category is Univertz, in particular thanks to its Francia Bank accreditation. It is the only credit institution PAP in this case, which earned him to dominate the market of the offer of serious loans between individuals.

Presentation in details of univertz

Presentation in details of univertz

When we think pret-dUnivertz, we think loan offer between individuals in France. The French site for lending money between individuals online is the lion’s share when it comes to personal loan between individuals. His offer is clear, simple and precise.

Prêt-dUnivertz is a platform that allows those who want to invest otherwise to lend money. In the same way, one can make a credit on the Internet site of loan between individuals, with conditions often better than those of the traditional banks.

I want to lend money in the form of a loan

The rates for placing your savings are very attractive on Univertz loan, and the more you let your money work, the higher the return is important. To get an idea of ​​the Univertz loan pay, one can earn up to 4% over two years, and interest can go up to 5.5% per year over five years, largely enough to compete with super booklets or investments on the livret A

Opening an account on a loan of Univertz, it is thus to take advantage of profitable rates, taking little risks, even if they exist. However, when loan of Univertz agrees to lend money, it does so by taking the same guarantees as the banks, so that limits the risks.

Credit between individuals is a good way to diversify your investments, and out of the eternal life insurance policy. In addition, instead of sleeping wisely, savings are used to finance quick money needs.

I want to borrow money

The Univertz loan offer has many advantages for those who want to borrow money without going through the banks. It is quick and easy to compare the current rates on the personal credit website. They are among the most efficient in the market and thus allow to make a credit without paying too much interest, which inevitably comes to burden the budget.

In addition, funds are disbursed promptly once the loan application has been validated and supporting documentation has been approved. It is a safe way to borrow money at low rates without going through the banks.

Bank of France approval

Univertz loan is the only credit institution in France that is approved by the Francia Bank (Prudential Supervisory Authority). The credit institution is authorized by the Francia Bank for the following operations:

  • Receipt and transmission of orders on behalf of third parties (borrowers and savers)
  • Investment advice
  • Unsecured investment (a debt security is not a safe investment)

Operation of Univertz Loan

Operation of Univertz Loan

The loan between individuals is not a personal loan without proof. The website of personal loan applies the same policy of evidence that banks, namely the production of documents that can justify a regular income: pay slips, but also employment contract, credits in progress, tax sheet …

univertz should not be considered as a credit institution for FICP or a credit society for the unemployed. The personal loan between individual for FICP is not easier to obtain than the same from a bank.

For investors, simply make a transfer from their personal green bank account to the Univertz loan platform. Then, just choose your investment period, depending on whether you want to invest in the short term (2 years) or long term (6 years).

For borrowers, it is possible to carry out an online credit simulation, and thus to know the monthly repayments according to the amount of money that will be borrowed. The registration form is simple to fill out, directly online, the supporting documents will be scanned or sent in a second time.

Special Site Compensation Rule: Univertz Loan is only remunerated by charging fees to borrowers.

Why borrow between individuals

Buying a car

A car, but also a motorcycle, a caravan, a camper, a boat … It may be that we need to change vehicles, because it has too many kilometers or it becomes too small because the family is growing. All financing for new vehicles and opportunities are done quickly, which allows us to react quickly if our old car lets go.

Do work

You may need to expand your home or repaint the walls for a great spring cleanup. But works, it is expensive, and as much achieve them by taking advantage of a great interest rate.

Equip your house or apartment

An equipment loan makes it possible to renew its decoration without unduly tapping into its savings. We can quickly change computers or buy a new washing machine instead of having it repaired somehow.

Finance a particular event

A birth, a marriage, a death: so many events not always planned but which are expensive to finance. A credit is an opportunity to respond to an emergency.

Traveling and going on vacation

Holidays, especially when you want to go abroad, with all your family, can be difficult to pay cash (air tickets are increasing). A credit is an opportunity to pay for your trip in several installments.

Univertz loan and special situations

Univertz loan and special situations

Can I borrow from Univertz loan by being registered with the FCIP or FCC files of the Francia Bank?

In Chapter 7 of the most popular questions regarding borrowers on the loan-lending site, it is clearly notified that people registered on the FICP or FCC files can not claim to make a loan at Univertz loan, so to guarantee the investment of savers.

The rule goes even further, since it concerns a potential co-borrower. The latter must not be registered on these two Francia Bank files either. Of course, but it is worth remembering, anyone in a situation of over-indebtedness is not allowed to make a credit, either with a bank or with an individual.

I am unemployed with low income (RSA): can I obtain a credit between individuals with Loan Univertz?

By reading the terms of a particular loan with a loan of Univertz, one quickly realizes that it is necessary to justify a stable professional income. Being a job seeker, even compensated, will create difficulties in accepting the file. This does not mean that the credit application will be automatically rejected. Thus, job seekers with good compensation will have better chances, although they remain slim.

But in general, when you want to subscribe a PAP credit with a platform like that of univertz, it must be said that the latter has an approval Francia Bank, which means that all Credit repayment guarantees will be taken.

Can you borrow with Univertz loan if you live in a foreign border country (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg etc.)?

Univertz loan only offers loans to residents in mainland France. For a loan offer between individuals in Belgium, it will be necessary to go through another platform, but there are inevitably Univertz loan equivalents in Belgium. Same thing for other foreign border countries, such as Switzerland and Luxembourg. This only presence in metropolitan France loan Univertz is partly explained by BDF approval.