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Scrapper arrested for buying stolen goods | Nashik News


Nashik: City police officials arrested a junkyard for buying stolen goods worth over Rs 41,000.
The accused has been identified as Israel Ahmed Shaikh, a resident of Subhash Road, Pawar Wadi, Nashik Road.
Crime Division Unit 2 officials said they were looking for two wanted criminals in a theft case. Police have received reports that the criminals concerned were supposed to visit the Pathardi neighborhood along the Vadner Dumala road in the city.
On Saturday, the police set a trap in the Pathardi district and spotted the two suspects near a scrapyard. The criminals also had a bicycle with them.
However, before the police could catch them, the suspects spotted the officers, left the bike in front of the scrapyard, and fled. Although the police tried to hunt them down, they could not be caught.
When the police in the criminal branch questioned the owner of the junkyard about the criminals involved, the former began to give vague answers. The police then searched the junkyard and found in his possession jewelry worth over Rs 9,000.
When the police roasted Shaikh further, he gave the names of the criminals involved and told the police that they had sold him an LCD TV worth Rs 25,000 and a home theater system worth Rs 25,000. of Rs 7,000.
During the investigation, it was discovered that the criminals involved had stolen the television and home theater during a house burglary in Sinnar. Police also seized the bicycle worth Rs 60,000, which the criminals left behind and raced.