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Sayollo, a pioneer in in-game advertising, launches new in-game shopping platform, gComm, for mobile game publishers and retailers


TEL AVIV, Israel – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Originally established as an in-game advertising company, Sayollo turned to the e-commerce industry by creating gComm (short for Gaming Commerce), an in-game shopping platform which allows consumers to purchase products from retailers without leaving the action of the game they are playing. Taking the natural step of its in-game advertising roots, Sayollo’s gComm enables retailers to deliver their products to the coveted audience of Gen-Z gamers around the world.

“GComm turns every mobile game into an online storefront that enables DTC brands to follow an end-to-end marketing journey, from brand awareness to conversion, all in the same game,” said Jonathan Attias, co-founder and CEO of Sayollo.

In a short time, gComm was widely adopted by game publishers and DTC brands. Currently, more than 20 DTC brands are listed on the platform representing clothing and accessories, cosmetics, home decor and healthcare services, among others. On the game publishing front, more than a dozen global mobile game publishers have agreed to release their games with the Sayollo SDK, including Flying Squirrel Games, T-Bull Games, GameEon, EZ Gamez, and Peaksell. Games.

“This incredible response from both communities – game publishers and DTC brands – only reinforces the vision we have for gComm, the ultimate destination for commerce in the mobile gaming space,” said Eitan Norel, co-founder and CCO of Sayollo. “Sayollo has always been a Gen Z-focused company and we believe gComm is the ultimate solution for DTC publishers and brands targeting this very elusive audience segment.

Visit Sayollo at sayollo.com for more information.