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Realtimecampaign.com Discusses Features To Consider When Buying Home Security Cameras

Homeowners who buy home security cameras are often overwhelmed by the many features available in these devices. They can get so frustrated that they choose a camera that only has the basics. Only to learn after their purchase that another device has a feature they would like to have.

Which security camera to buy on Black Friday 2021? To avoid this problem of buying a camera only to find out that another option is better, people should know what features are available today before they start their search for the perfect model. The following characteristics are just a few of the many people that both men and women need to consider when making this important decision.

Quick activation

As soon as something moves within range of the camera, it should activate. Any hesitation can lead to problems, so find a camera that sends an alert to your phone as soon as this movement is detected. This feature gives the owner more time to react to any potential threats. Review these useful resources to find out why this is so important.

Intuitive application

Most security cameras now come with an app. Fortunately, apps tend to be easy to learn and use. Buyers should compare different apps to see which ones they feel most comfortable with, so they can always get the images they need without much hassle.

Flexible video resolution

Many security cameras claim to offer 1080p video resolution without telling consumers that resolution is only achieved under ideal conditions. For this reason, owners should look for a camera with flexible video resolution. This allows for excellent quality images even at lower resolutions.

Night vision

Most harmful activity happens at night, so every security camera should have night vision. Many cameras today offer infrared night vision. However, individuals should consider color night vision when shopping. Companies such as Deep Sentinel offer cameras with improved night color vision. Consumers should consider these models when making a decision about which camera to buy.

Two-way communication

Today, the majority of home security cameras have a two-way audio system. This goes even for inexpensive cameras, and experts consider this to be an important feature. Compare the audio quality of each camera when testing different devices to ensure that the two parties can understand each other clearly.


Never choose a camera based solely on its storage. Buyers should realistically think about how much time they will spend reviewing the images. Consider how much it costs to store the videos in the cloud and factor these costs into the decision-making process.

Field of view

Determine the area the camera should cover. When purchasing a device, make sure that the field of view will cover this area. According to realtimecampaign.com, narrow lenses cover smaller areas, so they should only be used in areas with a specific target. For example, a person may want a narrow lens to cover the area around their boat in the back yard, but will need a wide angle lens to cover the entire back yard.


Consumers should focus on sustainability. Most outdoor cameras have an IP-65 weatherproof rating, which means the camera can withstand harsh conditions. Nonetheless, these cameras cannot survive extreme flooding, which buyers should be aware of if they live in an area prone to this type of disaster.

Other features to consider when purchasing home security cameras include pan-tilt-zoom, emergency connectivity, and AI facial recognition. Research the different features and prioritize them. This allows the owner to choose a camera that respects their budget while still providing the features necessary to secure their assets.

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