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Ramsey Decides To Require Licenses For Short-Term Home Rental | Ramsey

The town of Ramsey recently introduced an ordinance allowing owners with rental licenses to rent units for short periods, a practice popularized by sites like AirBNB and VRBO.

The city has received an influx of inquiries from people looking to rent out their properties while they are away, senior planner Chloe McGuire Brigl said.

“Short-term rentals like AirBNB and VRBO are becoming increasingly popular across town,” said McGuire Brigl.

City Council unanimously voted to introduce the August 10 ordinance to change the wording of existing rental permit requirements to include short-term rentals, defined as overnight or overnight accommodation. weekly for a maximum of 30 days. Mayor Mark Kuzma was absent from the meeting.

Any period longer than 30 days is already covered by rental licenses and is not considered short term.

“It’s not really a change to our policy, but just to clarify our existing ordinance and also clarify that you cannot rent a tent, a yurt or something similar,” said McGuire Brigl.

Under the state building code, renting a tent or something similar in a backyard is not allowed.

The ordinance would allow residents to buy property only to rent it out to short-term tenants, but the city has not received any requests for it, McGuire Brigl told ABC newspapers.

Currently, the city only allows one housing unit per property, but staff could determine whether that should be changed to allow additional housing such as stepmom suites or mini houses, McGuire said. Brigl.

In the past, the city code did not explicitly say that landlords needed a permit for short-term rentals, so the amendment is being considered to address that issue, McGuire Brigl said.

Sometimes companies like AirBNB or VRBO will contact cities to get proof of rental license before tenants are allowed to list their properties on the site, so this change should help those looking to do so, he said. she declared.

A rental license in Ramsey costs $ 25 for three years for a standard residential home, according to city documents. Rental permits allow inspections of municipal buildings and the fire code.

The final order will be voted on at a later date.

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