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Quincy School Board Considering Buying K&L Arena – Muddy River News

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K&L Arena

QUINCY — The Quincy School Board has an agenda item for Wednesday to “review/approve an emergency contract for the purchase of real estate at 1600 N. 43rd.”

This property is home to K&L Arena, a multi-purpose sports facility owned by Greg and Deb Shierling. Mays LLC Realtors handles the sale of the property.

The 5.32-acre property went up for sale in March 2015. The asking price at the time was around $2.4 million.

K&L Arena opened in November 2005 and has been the site of many youth volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer games. It was also the home of the Quincy Kennel Club.

Muddy River News will have more as the story develops.