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Questions Police Chiefs Should Ask About Buying Electric Vehicles


By Michael Benson

Every police chief needs to know how their current fleet operates in order to make a good decision about electrification.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How often are your vehicles in motion, how long are they idle, and how long are they idling?
  • Do you have data from an automatic vehicle locator or other telematics systems?
  • Do your agents share cars that require fast charging between shifts, or do the cars stay at the station long enough for slower charging?
  • Do your agents take their cars home and if so how will they charge them there?

The more you know about the use of your police cars, the better off you’ll be when you start electrifying your fleet.

Electric vehicles offer multiple advantages over traditional gasoline vehicles, including speed, efficiency, quietness, and lower operating and maintenance costs. Your biggest savings come from fuel because electricity is cheaper than gasoline.

Before going electric, you need to figure out how EVs will fit into your service and how and when you will charge them. Investing the time to understand how your fleet operates today will help you choose the right electrical options and the right charging infrastructure in 2022 and beyond.

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About the Author

Michael Benson is co-owner of Command Consulting LLC.