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Pet-Friendly Features Renters Look For When Buying A New Home | Think about real estate

Coming home after a long, exhausting day, there’s nothing better than being greeted by a purr or a wagging tail. Pets are more than just animals to their owners; they are part of the family.

In addition to improving children’s behavior, they provide companionship and home security. But unfortunately, even though we love our dogs very much, difficult situations can arise when we live with them.

Owners living in Apartments in Chennai are warming up to the idea of ​​having pets more than ever. But even though pets are present in more than half of the houses, it is difficult to find the ideal house that also meets the requirements for raising a puppy, a cat or other pets.

Without compromising on comfort or style, many fashionable people let dogs, cats and birds inhabit their homes. Therefore, pets can be an important factor for you when buying a new home. Seasoned pet owners look for certain aspects when planning their move to a new community. They are the following:

Greenery and walkable neighborhoods

When living in a freestanding home, a dog may not need to wander around the neighborhood with its owner, as it has plenty of room to run around. But when you live in an apartment, it is absolutely necessary that your dog walks quietly at least once every two days. Owners report anxiety, depression, and erratic health in dogs that miss their daily walks.

If your new neighborhood doesn’t have peaceful places to walk, your dog may not even enjoy the daily walk. Vehicles and busy roads induce high anxiety in dogs, while loud noises and smells overwhelm their senses. This is why you need to ensure a peaceful and quiet environment around your home when investing in a new home.

Construction quality and floor plans

Dogs have highly developed senses, which allow them to perceive and detect the slightest abnormal living conditions. That’s why you should invest in a builder with a reputation for build quality. Buildings constructed with poor quality materials often have many problems after the first few years, such as mold, dust, cracks and leaks. Dogs and cats can try to study and even ingest some of these substances, leading to illnesses and infections.

Even a small dog needs a little run around the house. With cluttered or poorly planned floor plans, your walls and furniture can suffocate your dog or cat, so invest in a home with at least a decent sized hall, and find a quiet but spacious corner in your home to lay down. your dog or cat bed.

Gated community

Gated communities offer the best way to socialize, for humans and pets alike! Gated communities usually have pet owner groups and other clubs to help give the animals in the community a better standard of living, by arranging get-togethers and combination night walks with the children. A gated community like this encourages a healthier and more active lifestyle for the whole family!

Landscaping and lawns

Our dogs come from nature, and although they are used to living indoors, the place they feel happiest is outdoors, frolicking and running in the grass. With gated communities, you typically benefit from landscaped premises, lawns, and yards, where you can leave your dog off-leash and let them enjoy quality time in their most natural state!


Pets like dogs require very little maintenance. You just need to spend time with them and support them to keep them happy and loyal to you. But it helps to keep some of their most important needs in mind when considering buying a new home. The Jubilee Residences at Urbanrise, Guduvanchery are perfect for pet lovers, with exquisite landscaping, excellent build quality, and a friendly, like-minded neighborhood. We suggest you take a look at their offers when looking for a new home.