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No Way Home Credit Scene Has A Big Hole In Marvel’s Plot

A lot of Spider-Man: No Coming Home fans are wondering if this big post-credits scene opened up a plot hole in Marvel. Well, on reflection, that doesn’t seem to be the case. *Spoilers for Spider-Man: No Coming Home post-credits scenes follow below.* Well, Peter Parker’s big wish in the movie is that everyone who knew his identity as Spider-Man would still know it after the spell was cast. However, many people wondered how Eddie Brock’s Venom was drawn into the MCU since the two never met. However, in a sense, the duo met the hero in a past life.

Venom: let there be carnageThe symbiote’s own post-credits scene established that the symbiote was going to tell its host about the massive hive mind connecting its entire race. However, the duo was transported to the MCU, which saw Venom “see” Spidey and react. It seems the alien has some attraction to the Wall-Crawler and it’s not concrete. But this hive mind device is the key to their journey into the “main” Marvel Universe.

Basically, another symbiote, one that belonged to Eddie Brock’s variant of Topher Grace, encountered Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in the third movie of the Sam Raimi trilogy. Even though Venom was defeated there, his memories are tied to the hive mind. From this shared consciousness, all aliens know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. (It creates problems wondering where all those other symbiotes were during No Way Home…) But, as a device, it makes a lot of sense.

To complicate matters further, Spider-Man will likely have to deal with the “alien slime monster” in a future film. The Dutch version of the hero is in a vulnerable place right now as he lost all of his friends and family at the end of No coming home. Could a bond with Venom cure his ailments or end up boosting his abilities to deal with the threats to come? No one knows at the moment. But, it’s clear that Marvel left out a bit of the symbiote on purpose.

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