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New addition to the Homes England dynamic buying system

Nick Hague, land manager at Harron Homes

Homebuilder Harron Homes is the latest to join Homes England delivery partner’s new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Harron Homes, along with 65 other developers, suppliers and housing associations will join the £20 billion delivery partner’s new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Homes England’s DPS delivery partner is one of the main land distribution channels and gives homebuilders the opportunity to bid for sites.

Other public agencies can also use DPS to recruit developers, broadening homebuilders’ exposure to potential projects.

It also allows potential new members to join at any time – the previous framework was only renewed every four years.

“Exciting New DPS System”

Nick Hague, Land Manager at Harron Homes, said: “After a rigorous application process, we are delighted that Homes England have accepted us into their exciting new DPS scheme.

“Being accepted allows us to work dynamically in the identification and acquisition of residential land. We are already planning how to make the most of a framework that opens up opportunities to be involved in projects that may not have come to our attention before.

“New houses can be built faster”

“The new framework means the benefits are passed on to both landowners and homebuyers, new homes can be built faster.”