National Bank of Belgium fact sheet: sites to consult to obtain loan by being banned

Applying for a loan in Belgium when you are registered Belbank is a bit like wanting to make a loan in France by being BNF: having the impression of being on the blacklist, the one that prevents you from borrowing money. But the solutions to get out of a file at the Belbank exist, same thing to obtain a credit for a person BNB file. To follow, some organizations allowing it, with a specific presentation of each offer in detail.

Be banned in Belgium: the offer of Creditmore

Be banned in Belgium: the offer of Creditmore

Among the brokers and credit companies for banned banking in Belgium, there is the offer of Creditmore. The broker is one of the Belgian credit institutions for people registered with the Belbank.

What causes BNB filings? Two unpaid monthly payments are enough to be filed. It’s a lot and a little at a time. You should know that each loan, it is registered at the central credit to individuals. Its mission is to help avoid having to get out of debt, taking the lead. In case of recidivism in the non payment of a premium, the BB will file the offender, denounced by his credit institution.

What happens once at the BB?

First, there will be the settlement phase with the creditors or creditors who are late in repayment. To recover the money, it is possible that the creditor initiates legal proceedings. For the one who has debts but property, the chopper can then fall: seizure and auction, with the adjudication like tearing.

In parallel, the Belbank will ensure, by its registration, to prohibit any new credit to the file. The only way to be written off is to pay off credit, and the only way to do that is to pay off your debts. It is good to know that a period of 15 months is planned after any radiation to make a new loan.

The solutions of the European People’s Credit

The solutions of the European People

The repurchase of credit, which allows to pay off its debts, and to find a rate with better conditions. The centralization of credits aims to reduce the overall monthly repayment. The owners, owners of real estate are advantaged, with the possibility of being offered a credit owner, in return for a mortgage guarantee on its property.

Make a loan by being registered at the Belgian Belbank: ContexLoan

Make a loan by being registered at the Belgian Belbank: ContexLoan

It is not necessary to consult the negative file of the BB to know that it is hard to borrow while being in litigation. In case of late payment, its credits will be denounced, resulting in the cutter previously mentioned.

Once it has demonstrated its ability to borrow, litigation credit Belgium will set up the necessary financial assistance for bank bans, by contacting credit agencies specializing in this type of intervention. This will go through a buyout, or refinancing.

How to avoid over-indebtedness?

Different loans make it possible to modify its situation face-to-face the BB. This financing involves the settlement of current loans such as installment loans or mortgage loans. As soon as they have been reported to the Belbank, they become problematic. Several legal remedies are possible, yet it is necessary to know how to put them in place, and to have the means to do so.

Litigation credit assistance is not restricted to individuals. Companies can also access their financing solutions. However, it will be necessary to be owner to benefit from it. Owning real estate is the safest way to deal with over-indebtedness, as long as you have the ability to borrow.

To know that one still has the possibility to borrow while being stuck in the Belbank is good, to have the obligatory minimum condition is better. You have understood: we will have to have a real estate guarantee to offer, before being able to apply to a credit broker for anyone in litigation.

In addition, its value on the day of the loan application will also enter into account. A new loan will be needed, to settle its debts and leave in good conditions. Beware, the new claim will surely be longer to purge than all the old ones together.

The mortgage credit center in Belgium: Centerdicity

The mortgage credit center in Belgium: Centerdicity

Formulas are offered for Belgians stuck as a result of unpaid credits. A quick fix can be put in place to avoid over-indebtedness and adverse litigation situations. The proposed rate is slightly higher than what can be found in a credit from a bank. On the site of mortgage credit we speak of 0.5%, as well as the possibility of limiting this increase when signing the contract.

A difference is made by the broker between the different types of litigation. For more information, inquire at the website in question.

Telemoney: an alternative to the credit center of the Belbank

Telemoney: an alternative to the credit center of the Belbank

How to know if we are stuck at the BB? The consultation of the data is free, and each individual can have access to it. For those who can move, it is best to go to the BNB nearest to his home. The Belbank has branches all over the country, in big cities like Liège and Brussels, but also in Mons or Kortrijk.

You just have to have your identity card with you during your visit. For others, there is still the mail solution (the recommended is not necessary, but remember to attach the photocopy of his ID), or consultation on the Internet (in which case it requires an electronic INC, and a pin code).

How to obtain a credit despite a registered payment default?

We always come back to the same point: the mortgage will make the difference. For this, we will have to own a property in good condition, which will be put in guarantee against the centralization of all its debts in one. It will have to go through a notarial act, knowing that it will be possible to lose the property of his property, in case of non-repayment of the sum lent by the company of repurchase of credit.

For the repurchase: it is necessary, so that its situation improves, to ensure, in case of redemption of debts, that the new monthly payment is lower than the total of the old ones. The debt ratio must go down so that it can gradually recover.

Can a tenant registered with the BB claim a new loan?

Unfortunately for renters, the registration at the Belbank will not allow to go through a broker buyback credit. Even in the event of regularization, it will be necessary to wait several months before being able to borrow again.

Whether you own or rent, the buyback broker will demand high and regular business income. The new debt ratio will be analyzed, ensuring that the borrower will still have enough money to live, once the monthly payment of his credit paid. It will be necessary to provide his salary slips in vouchers.

The solution for owners who encounter difficulties

The solution for owners who encounter difficulties

Being at the BB is necessarily a late payment, or a default. Filming sometimes implies the need to make a new loan to get back on the water, and avoid a seizure for example. Filing implies in principle the impossibility of doing so, at least for the tenants.

The request for repurchase of credit for Belgian data will be granted only to the owners. And even. To benefit from it with mid finance, one must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Paying your loan
  • No longer having a delay in the regulations
  • Returning to pay on time