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Low purchase of sacrificial animals observed in Hazara markets

Inflation and ongoing price increases have negatively impacted the purchasing power of buyers to purchase animals, which has halved the volume of animals sacrificed across the Hazara Division.

Along with several others, the three main animal markets of Haripur, Havelian and Mansehra were decorated with animals, but soaring prices for sacrificial animals meant shoppers had to wait and see until the last moment and many shoppers were returning home them without purchase and were disappointed. .

In Hazara animal markets, the price of a normal goat starts from 300,000 rupees while the price of a cow starts from 140,000 rupees, which is much higher than in previous years. Most buyers have been disappointed by the rising prices and distressed, according to animal dealers, the purchase of animals has been reduced by up to 50% in the current season compared to last year where besides buyers, sellers also face huge losses. because people are not interested in high priced animals on the market and they are required to collect them.

Given the rising prices, most people wanted to buy a cow, buffalo or ox where they could share sacrificial animals. The Haripur district administration has imposed a ban on livestock markets open in the city under Section 144 and warned buyers and sellers to avoid any trading activity other than the prescribed market.

The district administration also decided to impose a heavy fine on offenders and other punishments. On the other side, traders and shoppers complain about the sacrificial animal market in Haripur where the district administration has not provided any facilities even the supply of water and sheds for the shoppers and the animals are not not available in the market while they collect huge taxes from the buyers.—APP

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