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Long-term rental of stately homes is booming

However, according to Jess Simpson, one of the “most beautiful country houses” is Farleigh Wallop, a 4,000-acre estate in Hampshire that has been in the Wallop family for almost 600 years. The house has 11 suites, four reception rooms and 10 acres of gardens, including a boating lake, and Simpson recently secured it for guests during the winter for £ 120,000 a month. “Another couple wanted it at the same time, so we had to commit quickly and pay the full amount up front,” she says.

Newly remodeled and with an all-you-can-eat menu of attractions, from truffle hunting and clay pigeon shooting to the joys of U-pick from the walled garden, Farleigh Wallop offers the level of sophistication and service that the market in the Upscale rental awaits now. In the same way Cornucopia, a house in 40 acres of private West Sussex park that another Simpson client is renting for £ 75,000 a month.

Some stately home owners, however, broke away from their desperation to rent our homes for a premium price as their usual sources of income – like upscale hotels, wedding venues, or film locations – have dried up. during the pandemic.

“They’re not prepared for customer demands at this level,” says Simpson, who mentions an £ 80,000-a-month rental in the Home Counties that looked perfect on paper. “Pool, leisure complex, beautiful views, relatively new and we were assured of an exceptionally high level of service,” she says.

“But it was a disaster. A week before my clients moved in, the owner’s clothes and shoes were still in the closet – they had no intention of moving them – and water was flowing through the ceiling of the leisure complex , the air conditioning was broken and the staff were working between two households during the lockdown.

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