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The average price of a gallon of gasoline topped $4 a gallon in North Carolina.

With gas prices as high as they are, drivers might consider buying an electric vehicle. However, electric vehicles pose many questions such as:

  • Will it really save drivers money?
  • Is it convenient to recharge?
  • What are my options?

Shirlene Baskerville enjoys driving her 2022 Nissan Leaf.

“I don’t need to change the oil or go to the gas station,” she says. “None of that.”

Instead of paying about $4.10 for a gallon of gas in Raleigh, it costs Baskerville between $6 and $8 for a full charge at home.

“I charge it once every two weeks, maybe,” Baskerville said.

Each full charge means Baskerville can travel up to 300 miles.

Plug-in NC program manager Jaocb Bolin explained that there are all-electric pickup trucks and SUVs. Plug-in NC has been working since 2011 to make North Carolina a leader in electric transportation.

“There are more and more charging stations arriving every day,” he said.

North Carolina has about 2,900 charging stations, according to Bolin.

There are different levels of charging station:

  • Load level 1: 120 volts: Level 1 charging uses a common household 120 volt outlet. Level 1 is the slowest way to charge an electric vehicle. It adds between 3 and 5 miles of range per hour.
  • Load level 2: 208 volts to 240 volts: This is the kind someone would use to hook up a clothes dryer. It takes between seven and eight hours for a car to fully charge, according to Derek Parker of Leith Nissan in Cary.
    Level 2 charging is the most commonly used level for charging electric vehicles. Level 2 charging equipment can be installed at home, at work and in public places like shopping malls, train stations and other destinations.
  • Charge level 3: 400 volts to 900 volts: Fast charging and boost stations: Charging speed is between 3 and 20 miles per minute.

For example, at the fast charging station at the Ridgewood Mall, it takes 15 to 45 minutes to charge. It costs between $12 and $20.

“The goal is to really charge your car much like you do your cellphone, where you’re not worried about going, necessarily, from 0% to 100%,” Bolin said.

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