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India’s TV Buyers Are Quickly Switching to Online Shopping: Market Report

More and more people in India are using online channels to buy TVs, according to a report by market research firm CyberMedia Research. According to CyberMedia Research’s “India, And the TV Buying Behaviour” report, more Indian consumers in post-pandemic India want to buy their next TV online.

The report states that in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, ease of home delivery, range of TV choices, and attractive and affordable payment offers are the main factors driving this shift to a online shopping. The report mentions that Amazon is the e-commerce platform of choice for TV shoppers in India, and Amazon scores highest in terms of trust, convenience and brand value. Croma is the offline retail leader in the TV segment, according to the report.

“Beyond the internet-born generation, our study results indicate a shift in the mindset of traditional offline consumers. Although touch and feel has been a key part of their buying journey , they are now more open to exploring buying TVs online.Trust, convenience and value are the main drivers of purchase.According to the results of our study, Amazon is the platform of choice preferred for TV purchases, with the brand gaining maximum awareness, trust, consideration and preference among online and offline buyers,” Prabhu Ram, Head of Industry at CyberMedia Research, said the group of information.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the CyberMedia report:

  • Current TV usage and future consideration for TV – The CMR report indicates that five out of eleven users have bought or are considering buying a new TV in order to switch from the old regular TV to a smart TV. It indicates that the top three sources of awareness as well as the top influencers for TV purchases include friends/family, online portals and social media.
  • Sound quality and picture quality – The report indicates that the sound quality and picture quality of a TV are the most important factors for an Indian customer.
  • Slim bezel, screen size are major design factors – Screen size and a slim bezel, along with advanced design are top priorities for customers in the design space.
  • Purchase triggers and preferred e-commerce platforms – Home delivery is the most important trigger to buy TV online. Value for money and trust are the main drivers for buying TVs online.
  • Among online consumers, Amazon scored the maximum in brand awareness, consideration, use, preference and satisfaction.
  • Fast and safe delivery is the most important expectation of online portals. Amazon is most preferred by consumers for its fast delivery, safe handling and friendly support staff.

The CMR study is based on a comprehensive pan-Indian survey covering 3,236 consumers, in the age bracket of 18-40, and based in ten major cities of India, namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Nagpur, Asansol, Coimbatore and Jalandhar.

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