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HOLIDAY HOME RENTAL: Rincon Rent is at your disposal to offer the best service on the Costa del Sol

Rincon Rent has been in the business of renting holiday homes in the Malaga area for over 10 years.

Based in Mijas, the team facilitates the rental of exclusive properties from an international property, allowing owners to generate income and holidaymakers to enjoy luxury accommodation – Rincón Rent selects only the very best properties.

Having their head office based in the area, unlike many other rental agents on the Costa del Sol, they can assist renters at any time during their holiday should they require assistance.

They can assist renters at any time during their holiday if they need help. Photo: Rincon Rent official Facebook page

Their service is personalized, guests will be greeted by a member of the property team to ensure they are settled in, ensure housekeeping is perfect for guest arrival and a bottle of wine expects a special welcome every time.

For those looking to rent out their property, Rincón Rent are the ultimate insiders on Andalucia’s rental laws.

After a new law was introduced in 2016, requiring a tourist license to rent properties, the company took it upon itself to influence the industry and ensure landlord rights. How? Sitting on the board of AVVA (Andalusia Tourist Apartments Association), the team fights to protect owners and their investment from the limits the junta wants to impose.

The team fights for the interest of protecting owners and their investment. Photo: Rincon Rent Official Twitter Page

Rincon Rent is truly a leader in the real estate industry, encouraging more real estate agents to join corporate boards and lobbying politicians not to tighten the laws further.

This involvement in rental legislation and the personalized approach to clients is what makes Rincón Rent stand out from the crowd as a real estate agent who truly cares about their clients.

Contact Rincón Rent as owner or vacationer on +34 952 472 429 or by e-mail [email protected]