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Halo.rent, Britain’s ‘Home Rental Airbnb’ Secures £ 1.25 Million Funding

The real estate rental process is very fragmented. Once tenants discover properties on classifieds portals, their digital journey ends. Keeping track of disparate apps designed to coordinate and facilitate home rentals is a struggle. Typically, the whole experience involves a tedious process of email and telephone communications.

This is where the London-based proptech startup Halo.rent comes to the rescue. It automates operations and communications with AI and makes the whole process stress-free and transparent. The company just launched its tenant engagement platform to make renting faster and easier. Now the platform is open to everyone after field tests with leading UK property managers. In addition, he secured £ 1.25million in pre-seed funding from angel investors and the European Commission.

One-stop solution for tenants

Halo.rent was founded by Benas Baltramiejunas, Pijus Bratčikov and Kipras Gajauskas in 2018. Unlike a property management system, Halo.rent is a tenant engagement platform that allows agents and property managers to unify their services and partner offers in a single digital tenant experience. .

The app brings together all of the individual service providers, including existing property management systems, smart deposit services, utility switching companies, credit checks, and referrals into one attractive and intuitive platform. As a result, agents benefit from a whopping 90% reduction in administrative work. In addition, they are exposed to additional income streams through an organized marketplace of service providers that offer commission payments. With this app, tenants can rent homes with just a few clicks and get all of their home services managed on one platform.

Halo.rent worked with a small group of senior advisers including Alvaro Bolivar, Ivan Gowan, prof. Andrew Baum and Nick Jopling. The technology has been successfully tested in six months with a number of smaller rental agents in the market. Recently, the company started testing it with larger operators – FirstPort and High Street Group.

“Halo.rent is helping to change the rental market for good,” said prof. Andrew Baum. “I think its technology-driven service layer will become a market standard in the years to come. This is a game-changer for both leasing agents and top property managers.

“Today’s tenant rental journeys are interrupted and frustrating due to fragmented and outdated software environments,” said Benas Baltramiejunas, co-founder and CBDO of Halo. “Our mission is to make renting a home fluid and fun! We have modernized the process and are looking to create a one-stop-shop for the 135 million (and more) tenants in Europe.

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