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Experts warn ‘ecological shame’ is already affecting the buying process

Last Tuesday, the Trends and Challenges in International Retailing report of the Aecoc Manufacturers Association was presented at the Alimentaria Fair (Barcelona). In his speech, Retail Knowledge Area Manager Pablo de la Rica said that consumers are more demanding, more impatient and more comfortable these days. He also said brands are working to get sustainable shoppers to review their products because of the emergence of eco-shame in the buying process.

According to the Aecoc report, the challenge for brands will be to provide tailor-made solutions to this new consumer, who also has new priorities when buying products, such as health, sustainability or convenience. .

The study also refers to a hyperconnected consumer who demands transparency in the buying process.

Retail Knowledge also pointed to the relevance of the demographic configuration of households, which will include up to 30% of single-person homes in 2035, with only 14% of households with children and 50% of the population over 45 years old.

According to the presentation, half of the food launches currently taking place in the UK are vegan products and more and more brands are returning to returnable and reusable packaging.

However, during a roundtable with manufacturers and distributors, experts analyzed the reality of innovation in order to find out why there is a high percentage of failure in launching new products on the market.

According to Aecoc data, 30% of consumers understand that these innovations do not meet their needs, 21% prefer the foods they know and 13% do not believe in the new benefits announced.

Source: efeagro.com