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Delivery drivers lament hungover shoppers who buy individual bottles of ketchup and water extending their shifts

From a small bottle of water to ketchup and beyond, you name it, we’ve got it delivered because online grocery and food shopping isn’t just for the department store anymore.

Instead, many of us Yorkshire dwellers are now “going to the store” via a delivery app instead.

“You name it, I delivered it,” said Waqar Azeem who must deliver all of his designated packages regardless of the weather within a certain time slot.

A bottle of ketchup added two hours to this delivery driver service

His shift can last between 7 and 9 hours, but he is paid the same.

So, much to his disbelief recently, it was a small bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup that extended his shift.

Mr. Azeem attempted to deliver the ketchup as he pondered why they couldn’t have just bought it from a store.

Alas, shoppers weren’t home when he first attempted to deliver ketchup.

A bottle of ketchup added two hours to this delivery driver service

Mr Azeem added: “When I finished my shift, I went back to deliver the ketchup.”

Fortunately, this time they were there and he said they were “happy” about it.

Other delivery drivers we spoke to delivered a range of items from a single bottle of water to a carton of milk, often on a weekend to hungover punters.

With the rising cost of fuel, could delivery drivers replace drive-thru as we know it?