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COVID-19 has helped London residents buy decisions to move away from the capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of people’s lives. In the workplace, at school and at home, everyday life has undergone significant changes since its inception.

One of the biggest changes is how it impacted our lifestyle and made us think about the future. For example, due to the pandemic, people could have lost theirs, which would have enabled them to obtain unoccupied property probate insurance.

But that’s not all! It would appear that even more people have been considering leaving London for some time now, which may not come as a surprise since the the average house price in London increased by 5.2% in the year until May 2021.

An infographic of LawSure Insurance revealed some of the specific factors that have prompted Londoners to seek to move away from the capital and what they perceive to be the most crucial factors that can make up their dream home.

Access to the garden

Due to the pandemic, various lockdown restrictions had confined people to their homes as they could not go out and participate in activities. The lockdowns highlighted the important need for regular exercise and fresh air, so it was absolutely crucial that people had access to a large garden to relax and unwind!

Among homes purchased in 2020, 63% said having access to a large garden was the highest priority on their moving wish list, and 19% of Londoners said it was their highest priority.

Spacious and comfortable house sizes

18% of Londoners said finding a home with a bigger floor plan and more access to space was their top priority. It has reportedly escalated further due to the pandemic due to various blockages forcing families to stay at home and find ways to keep themselves occupied.

Private parking space

COVID-19 has helped London residents buy decisions to move away from the capital

Londoners can reduce their theft insurance costs by migrating to a private garage. Finding a good parking space in London can be extremely difficult to find, especially with some parking fees exorbitantly per hour.

Accessing your own private parking space can alleviate some of that stress and worry. Out of all home buyers in 2020, 36% of people said access to a private parking space was the most important factor.

Work from the comfort of your own home

The idea of ​​the home office is more and more popular. 36% of buyers move to create their own space, 12% in London alone! The first weeks of foreclosure saw creative home layouts to accommodate the seemingly temporary work-from-home period. From kitchen tables to ironing boards, we’ve adapted quickly – what now?

A comfortable chair with plenty of space for 8 hours a day would be ideal! The need for an office has grown because people no longer want their family life to be invaded during working hours.

Live outside

COVID-19 has helped London residents buy decisions to move away from the capital

With world travel still not 100% safe, depending on what country someone intends to visit, people still need to find ways to be entertained as part of a “stay” in the Kingdom. -United. Beaches and nature parks are great outdoor places that people want to visit, especially during the summer when the weather is nice. Londoners looking to buy outside of the city find the space for outdoor living to be precious.

14% cited this as their main reason, with 31% of total homebuyers also admitting that they saw access to the outdoors as their top priority for wanting to move away from the capital.

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