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Chargeway helps dealers and buyers navigate the electric vehicle buying process


What’s the best way to increase the adoption of electric cars and make it easier to buy and own electric vehicles? Educate potential buyers, of course. However, there is arguably a bigger piece of the pie that few people can get to know.

Most car dealerships have not received comprehensive training on electric vehicles, and it is well known that some dealers really have no desire to sell them. No matter how excited people are about the future of electric vehicles, if car dealers aren’t on board, that’s a major hurdle. In fact, car dealerships can actually work to prevent the sale of electric vehicles, and some have done exactly that.

As you may remember, we shared a video on Chargeway with you in the past. It was produced by our own Kyle Conner, and it was the first video in a four-part series. The first episode dealt with the theme of “awareness”. Specifically, he provided a basic overview of electric vehicle charging. The video series will unfold as follows.

Awareness -> Purchase -> Property -> Experience

The second video – embedded at the top of the page – focuses on buying an EV. We’ve also included the first video below:

Although Part 2 covers purchasing, it is not the typical purchasing overview for an electric car. Rather than just focusing on the potential electric vehicle buyer, who will definitely benefit from Chargeway’s ecosystem, he is focusing on dealerships. Chargeway actions:

  • Most dealers have not received comprehensive “electric fuel” training.
  • Chargeway fills this education gap by presenting an intuitive and comprehensive software platform that enables dealers to discuss EVs and electric fuel with precision and confidence.
  • The Chargeway platform creates a program to educate car dealers about electric vehicles, as well as the electric car sales process as a whole.

As you can see in the video, Chargeway can be integrated into a dealer’s showroom, with the 43-inch touchscreen Beacon. It can also be integrated with the dealer’s online inventory page. Plus, the Chargeway platform is vehicle-specific, so a potential EV buyer gets up-to-date information on the exact electric car (and trim level) they’re buying.

Chargeway’s choice to use its “electric fuel” language on its platform – not only for potential owners but also for car dealerships – keeps the process simple and consistent. In addition, the platform provides all the information buyers and resellers may need on incentives, home charging, fuel cost and much more.

While we can type thousands of words about Chargeway and how its platform works, the best way to understand it is to see it in action. Not to mention the feedback from real owners of electric vehicles on their experiences with the application.

Click on the video at the top of the page to see Kyle walk into a dealership and take control of Chargeway’s touchscreen beacon. As you can see, this is a new idea, and we hope to see it in dealerships across the country as soon as possible.

Many EV owners are absolutely in love with the Chargeway platform and want more people to know and use it. Electric car owners and social media influencers EV Nomads – Branden & Kalie share:

“The Chargeway app is a somewhat unknown gem – the route planning is easy to use and the charging station rating system is straightforward. I think giving dealers tools to educate themselves and educate customers will drive to greater adoption of electric vehicles and a better customer experience. “

Another commentator – HCJP BlueSky – at Kyle Conner Engine out of specification The YouTube channel emphasizes the importance of Chargeway’s all-inclusive character:

“Explaining Chargeway as not being a brand of charger or network, but an app that includes all chargers / networks seemed understated. We all know this is confusing for newbies, but preamble and then focus on charging board apps (PlugShare, Chargeway), versus charging brands (CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla, ChargePoint, ChargeAmerica) , then making sure your audience understands the overall nature of Chargeway is difficult to convey. Glad someone is trying!

As always, check out the videos above. While we know that many of our audience are EV experts, this type of material is perfect to share with family, friends, and co-workers as they plan to make the switch to an electric car. It would also be wise to share it with your local dealership and / or anyone you know who might work in the auto industry.

For people who need more information about Chargeway in general, the video below gives a brief overview of Chargeway’s app service:


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