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Buying a home made easy with the mortgage experts at AKAL Mortgages

TORONTO, ON /ACCESSWIRE/AUGUST 22, 2022/ Your first real estate purchase is not an easy task. It’s one of the biggest investments you can make in life, so everything has to be perfect, lest you run into problems later. Ensuring you get the best results from your mortgage experience is easier said than done, but we know how to ensure you get the unbiased advice and expertise you deserve.

By working with a mortgage brokerage, you can access a wide range of lenders offering mortgage products that fit your lifestyle and goals. On top of that, you’ll benefit from professional advice that will help you achieve your mortgage goals. If there was ever an easy way to complete your home purchase and get the right mortgage, a mortgage brokerage can do it. Luckily, we only have the brokerage to recommend.

AKAL Mortgages is a franchise of one of Canada’s most reputable and trusted mortgage companies, Mortgage Alliance. David Fitzgerald, one of their resident mortgage officers, told us more about the kind of service clients can expect from AKAL Mortgages. “AKAL Mortgages operates under Mortgage Alliance, which is Canada’s most recognized and trusted mortgage brokerage. As Mortgage Alliance professionals, we have the expertise to secure the right mortgage for your immediate and We work for you, not the banks, and provide unbiased advice for your mortgage decision.”

AKAL Mortgages covers the full range of mortgage services, but many of their agents specialize in providing effective personalized solutions for residential mortgages. Indeed, according to David, his team of mortgage experts have noticed a common problem plaguing their clientele, “affordability, namely interest rates and home prices, and inventory, or lack thereof. “. Therefore, the brokerage’s goal is to help its clients land the best deal by offering a multitude of lender and product options to choose from. David explained, “We work with over 60 lenders, some of which are offered exclusively through brokers, so you have the choice, convenience and great advice you deserve!

In addition to its personalized mortgage solutions and a wide variety of lender contacts, AKAL Mortgages sets itself apart from the competition by promising to satisfy its customers, whatever the service. “We offer our customers the highest standard of customer service, delivered with a sense of warmth and friendliness. We want to inform and educate them and offer my highest level of service with a wide selection of products from the vast list of lenders that the brokerage makes available to us.” said David.

Buying your home can be made easier with the right help. If you’re looking to land a mortgage that works without having to worry about bumps in the road along the way, contact David Fitzgerald at AKAL Mortgages as soon as possible.


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About AKAL Mortgages:
AKAL Mortgages (Lic # 10845) is a Canadian mortgage agency and franchise independently owned and operated by Mortgage Alliance, one of Canada’s most trusted mortgage companies. She specializes in personalized mortgage solutions for residential mortgages.

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