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Broadview Heights Extends Temporary Ban on Airbnb and Other Short-Term Home Rentals


BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio – City council has extended a moratorium – or temporary ban – on guest houses, Airbnb and other short-term rental operations by seven months.

The moratorium, which was due to expire in December, will now last until June 2021. The Council initially established the moratorium in February 2018 and extended it twice for one year in December 2018 and December 2019.

The idea behind the moratorium – which prohibits anyone from renting or renting out their accommodation for 30 days or less – was to give city authorities time to establish regulations for short-term rentals, which some residents see as nuisances.

However, it is not known whether municipal authorities have even started to look into the matter.

Asked about the status of any legislation that would regulate short-term rentals, board chairman Robert Boldt, in a text message last week to cleveland.com, only said there had been “no change”.

Broadview Heights follows the steps of other communities in Greater Cleveland, including Lyndhurst, which in 2016 imposed its own moratorium on short-term rentals. This city finally lifted the moratorium after codifying guidelines for such operations.

North Royalton City Council established a moratorium on short-term rentals in the fall of 2018 and approved the bylaws in March 2019.

Greater Cleveland communities like Broadview Heights want to avoid incidents like the one that happened in 2017 in Seven Hills, in which a man temporarily renting a house threw a crazy New Years party. The man was arrested and fired. faces several counts, including serving alcohol to minors.

Communities in other parts of the country have also struggled with the problem.

In July 2019, legislators in Charlevoix, Mich., has established an eight-month moratorium on short-term rentals, giving them the opportunity to consider possible regulations, according to the UpNorthLive website. Earlier this year, the city council has approved bylaws there.

Also in 2019, in California, Orinda City Council has moved forward with an emergency ban on some short-term rentals in response to a Halloween nighttime shooting at an Airbnb that left five people dead, abc7news reported.

However, in September 2020, a California Superior Court judge ruled that a ban on short-term rentals by Manhattan Beach, southwest of Los Angeles, violated state law, the Daily Breeze reported. Manhattan Beach City Council said it would appeal the decision.

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