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#BoycottWalgreens Trending Following Complaints Over Purchase of Contraceptives and Condoms

Walgreens is facing backlash online after customers had trouble buying contraceptives and condoms over the past month.

#BoycottWalgreens was trending this week following customer complaints about the ability to purchase reproductive health products.

The online backlash has come as the reproductive rights debate has taken on heightened intensity since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade at the end of June.

The controversy surrounding prescription contraceptives and so-called “abortion pills” comes after President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order expanding access to abortion pills and warning pharmacies that they risk violating birth control laws. civil rights if they refused to distribute these pills.

Earlier this month, a woman named Abigail Martin posted a video on TikTok that detailed a litany of issues she encountered while trying to get her birth control prescription renewed at a Walgreens store. The video has received over 3.7 million views since it was posted.

In a column published in The rostrum of stars on July 9, a woman named Jessica Pentz claimed that a Walgreens employee refused to sell her a box of condoms in Wisconsin, citing her religious faith. After refusing to fill the order, the clerk asked his manager to sign it off the register so the manager could call Pentz’s order.

In response to the story, Walgreens issued a statement, “Our company policy allows team members to refrain from entering into a transaction to which they have a moral objection and to refer the transaction to another team member. of the team or to a manager who will process the client’s request. ”

Since the column was published, customers have taken to social media to voice complaints to Walgreens about purchasing other reproductive health products.

In a viral thread posted on Twitter on July 19, a woman said she received a package of formula from Walgreens after buying a pregnancy test at one of their stores.

Additionally, NOLA.com reported on July 10 that within days of the decision to overturn Roe, a Louisiana doctor prescribed a patient Cytotec to make inserting an IUD less painful. According to the doctor, Walgreens contacted her to ask if the prescription was for an abortion and when she explained it was for an IUD insertion, the pharmacist refused to dispense the medication.