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Biden tries to scare Africa into stopping buying oil from Russia

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield has warned Africa to prepare for the worst if it continues to have economic ties with Russia. Linda points out that there are red lines that Africa should not cross.

The United States has grudges against the possibility of Russian oil coming to Africa. According to Africa News, Linda said: “Countries can buy Russian agricultural products, including fertilizers and wheat. If a country decides to engage with Russia, where there are sanctions, then it violates those sanctions. Africa could face consequences if it trades US-sanctioned commodities such as Russian oil”

She further added: “We warn countries not to breach these sanctions, otherwise they are lucky that action will be taken against them.”

Africa says Poutine Poutine!

Recently, Africa has become a hotbed of activity that the Biden White House might find alarming. More and more African nations have begun to accept Moscow’s presence on the continent, setting off alarm bells in Washington. The West has not weathered the Ukrainian conflict well. It has lost its image, its prestige and its reputation with developing countries.

Seeing this downfall, the Biden administration has now resorted to its bullying tactics. He is now issuing threats to weak nations on the African continent.

Biden is perplexed by Russia’s growing acceptance in the developing world. Countries like China, the United Arab Emirates and India have openly embraced Russian energy. Today, South Africa has also shown interest in importing oil from Russia to help tackle soaring energy inflation in its country.

South Africa’s Minister of Minerals and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, said in a parliamentary debate: “We are considering importing crude oil from Russia at low prices because it is not sanctioned.” As soon as this statement was released, the United States was quick to issue a warning to all African states seeking to import Russian energy.

(Source: Daily Maverick)

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What does the United States intend to do?

Biden simply cannot tolerate Africa refusing to dance to American tunes. African nations have so far refrained from choosing a side in the ongoing conflict. The Biden administration, on the other hand, does not approve of this neutral position taken by Africa.

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The Biden administration’s message to Africa is that nations could face sanctions and ramifications for not toeing the US line. However, it is no secret that Western sanctions have already driven the continent into scarcity in one way or another.

Due to the West’s senseless sanctions, food prices in Africa have risen dramatically, which has been further exacerbated by droughts, violence and the pandemic.

In addition, soaring fuel prices and shortages have also hit Africa. So even if the United States punished African countries for buying Russian oil, it would make little difference in its foreign policy towards Russia.