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Best Friendsgiving Home Rentals: Great Vacation Rentals for Cooking

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Thanksgiving is, in theory, the best holiday of the year because all the emphasis is on the people you love for a delicious dinner with so many dishes everyone has their favorite, a mantra that if you don’t come back. step back for a few seconds (or thirds) you don’t do it right, and 11 straight hours of football.

Unfortunately for some of us our families are far away or live very close but don’t believe in TV and never made us cry in front of everyone at the table so we don’t have Thanksgiving dinner with them anymore, or another example which is not oddly specific but which prevents us from celebrating together! For those people – and for all those who are thrilled to celebrate Thanksgiving as many times as possible – there’s Friendsgiving, a gathering that looks exactly like Thanksgiving, except there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and you really like it. each of them.

If you’re a Friendsgiving fan, why not take the festivities to a new level this year with a long weekend getaway to one of these Airbnb or VRBO homes, all of which have fully stocked gourmet kitchens where you can create a treat fit for seconds and thirds and best of all, you won’t have to share leftovers at the end of the night, as you’ll all be eating turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie together for breakfast.