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Beginning of discussions to improve purchasing practices

The Sustainable Terms of Trades Initiative (STTI), led by the STAR Network, the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and the Better Buying Institute and supported by GIZ Fabric, is made up of 15 trade industry associations. garments from 11 countries facing similar purchasing challenges. practices in the textile and clothing industry.

With the new additions of Apparel Export Promotion Council of India (AEPC) and Egyptian Chamber of Apparel and Home Textile Industries (ECAHT), STTI now covers Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco.

Uniting behind the common goal of improving trade compliance, the initiative released its white paper in September and says it has now formally entered into talks with three global organizations representing brands and retailers who have the improvement of purchasing practices at the top of their priorities. These are the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Action, Collaboration and Transformation (ACT) on Living Wages and the Common Framework for Responsible Purchasing Practices (CFfRPP).

STTI says its goal is to make action plans with these organizations on trade compliance; agree on practical steps to improve purchasing practices between members of the organization and members of STTI.

“The need for this remains without a doubt,” he adds.

“From this need, it became clear that these groups are aiming for tangible improvements and are already prioritizing the subject. STTI ensures that manufacturers around the world participate on an equal footing and that their voice is an integral part of this work. Additionally, it reduces the ever-present danger of a fragmented and uncoordinated approach in the apparel and textile industry.

According to STTI, the coming year will see intensive work on “impactful actions” to improve purchasing practices.

Miran Ali, managing director of the Bangladesh-based Bitopi Group, which has stakes in garments and advertising, is vice-chairman of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and is the spokesperson for the STTI.

He participated in a panel discussion at the recent 36th International Apparel Federation (IAF) World Fashion Convention and told delegates that STTI was asking for a common ground or minimum standard of behavior throughout the supply chain.

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