Home rentals

Apartment and house rentals have become more than some can handle. So what are the options?

Apartment and house rent prices have skyrocketed since the pandemic ended, and some viewers say it’s more than they can handle.

Kane in Your Corner has been getting a ton of calls lately from people upset about big rent hikes.

“Building management will increase our rent by 15-24%,” says Heather. “I understand there is inflation, but this rent increase is nonsense. I am reaching out to help you in any way I can.”

But New Jersey does not have statewide rent control, nor does New York or Connecticut. Some cities and towns do, but not the one Heather lives in. So is there anything she can do? Well, maybe.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs says a tenant cannot be forced to pay an unreasonable rent increase. If you think you are a victim, you can choose to continue paying your old rent.

Your landlord can try to evict you, and a judge will decide if the increase is fair based on the average rent in the area, landlord profits, and whether the increase would shock a reasonable person.

If you try this, you need to set aside the extra rent money each month, because if you lose, you’ll owe everything at the same time. Currently, you can only do this in New Jersey; New York and Connecticut don’t have that kind of law.

New York is considering one, in fact, it would go even further, limiting rent increases to one and a half times the rate of inflation – but for now, that’s just a proposal.