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Analysis: Informed purchase decisions – a necessity


With the growing importance and use of e-commerce, customers must also intuitively recognize the purchase.

Covid-19 has brought about significant changes in consumer behavior and dramatically altered the shopping scenario towards e-commerce.

In a world hit by the pandemic, going to physical stores has become a far-fetched idea. While online shopping, across the world, has experienced unprecedented growth.

Virtual shopping has not only protected people from exposure to the virus, but has also enabled consumers to enjoy the ultimate convenience of shopping in the warmth of their home.

With this growing importance and use of e-commerce, customers must also recognize the purchase intuitively.

Simply put, customers need to know what they’re buying and make sound buying decisions.

Therefore, to be truly compatible with online shopping and the overall ecommerce ecosystem, it is imperative to be aware of it.

As clients, we are often prone to low value transactions.

Therefore, customers should know the ways to buy the right products from the right online stores.

Proper research on products and stores is the first step.

When we visit physical stores, where we are supposed to buy a dress, we often tend to look in other stores for other options and prices available, unless there is a specific dress from a brand. particular on which we have our state of mind.

Likewise, before buying from a store, it is better to compare the prices and offers of other online stores rather than instantly ordering the first thing you see.

With e-commerce in sight, this is much easier.

Just a few scrolls and tapping can present you with many options to compare.

In addition, to make a conscious choice, it is essential to consult the opinions and ratings.

In physical stores, you might know about the product on the spot only through the mouth of the seller, whose main job is to sell you the product.

On the other hand, online shopping gives you the freedom to consult real-time buyers’ opinions, which give a fairly realistic picture of the quality of the product.

For example, if you’re shopping at Daraz, the country’s largest online marketplace, a simple search will give you a number of options.

From the search results, you can compare sellers, their products, prices, and reviews. If you are looking to buy a weighing machine per se, searching for it will bring up many vendors that sell weighing machines, with photos, prices, and reviews on the screen.

By comparing them all, you can then buy the one that suits you the best!

On another note, knowing the terms and conditions and return policies is also crucial to knowing your dos and don’ts as buyers.

Also, it’s better to know if you can qualify for a free exchange or return on products you don’t like than just keeping them somewhere at home.

Online business platforms like Daraz Bangladesh offer convenience in many ways: home delivery, filtering options, easier comparison and much more.

In addition, they often have great deals, deals and vouchers that allow buyers to get products cheaply.

Being aware of these offers and using them wisely and in a timely manner can really benefit customers.

Globally, the e-commerce industry has evolved to new heights, fostering an engaged view of shopping.

There are many global chains changing the whole shopping scenario around the world, one of them being Daraz, the country’s leading e-commerce platform, which successfully launched the 11.11 sales campaign in Bangladesh. and gearing up for the 12.12 year-end sales campaign in December.

The author is Marketing Director of Daraz Bangladesh Ltd.