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Alabama Bill Would Require Women To Submit Pregnancy Test Before Purchasing Medical Cannabis

A bill introduced in the Alabama Senate would require women of childbearing age to submit a negative pregnancy test before purchasing their doctor-recommended medical cannabis, according to a report by Growth Op. Under the proposal, women between the ages of 25 and 50 would be required to submit the negative test at least 48 hours before purchasing medical cannabis.

Pregnancy tests must be administered by a state-certified physician or lab, according to the report. If she becomes pregnant, a woman must “report her pregnancy status to her licensed certifying physician and she will be prohibited from obtaining medical cannabis throughout the pregnancy.”

Sponsored by Alabama State Senator Larry Stutts (right), the proposal “prohibits breastfeeding women from purchasing medical cannabis unless they are registered caregivers”. Additionally, the legislation adds a 305-meter buffer zone between medical cannabis dispensaries and schools, daycares, home daycares and colleges.

Commenting on a case in Arizona in which the state charged a woman with child neglect for using cannabis for medical purposes, National Advocates for Pregnant Women wrote in a statement last summer that “ peer-reviewed scientific research does not support the conclusion that prenatal exposure to marijuana causes harm or creates different or greater risks of harm than exposure to many substances as well as medications prescribed to pregnant women.

Oklahoma attempted a similar change in 2018, but the call for a pregnancy test was eventually dropped, the report said. If adopted, the measure will enter into force on the first day of the third month following its adoption.

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