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4 factors to consider when buying a vacation home

For the many working people who dream of it, one of the greatest gifts they can afford is their own vacation home. Of course, with your own vacation home, you will have a dedicated space to enjoy a family vacation. The property can serve as a safe haven to retreat to when it suits you, eliminating the need to search for vacant rooms in hotels or homestays. Also, if you want to convert your holiday home into a retirement home in the future, you will have a property ready.

But while owning a holiday home is certainly attractive, you should always weigh your options as carefully as possible before buying a property. First of all, vacation homes require a considerable investment, even if you look for options outside of “big city” areas like Metro Manila, where property is generally more expensive. Second, with the purchase of a vacation home comes the responsibility of owning a second home. As such, you will need to choose a home that is worth your time and resources.

So, before looking for a home and land for sale in Lipa City or vacation property in other desirable locations, be sure to consider these factors when buying your dream vacation home:

The location of the property

The location of your vacation property is one of the main factors to consider. If you want to go somewhere where you can truly relax, choose a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of an urban environment. If you want to practice outdoor activities, choose a vacation home that offers enough space for them. It would also help to choose a property that is surrounded by nature and can provide you and your family with fresh air and stunning views.

Although your vacation home should serve as an escape from ordinary life and therefore be a good distance from it, choose a place that you can easily access whenever you want. Make sure you can drive or fly to your vacation home at any time. This means choosing a location that is close to major roads and highways or easily accessible by air. If you don’t see yourself traveling between your primary residence and your potential vacation home often enough, you may want to consider other locations.

Easy access to recreational activities and essentials

Since the primary purpose of having a vacation home is to enjoy recreation and relaxation, find a property that offers access to your favorite recreational activities. You should also find a property close to different shops, restaurants and supermarkets for your convenience.

With that in mind, here are some questions you can ask yourself about your vacation home:

What amenities are available?

Some people prefer to buy vacation homes in gated communities with different resident amenities. You might want to consider something similar and choose a home in a community that has a central recreation center. These recreation centers usually have well-appointed amenities, including swimming pools, basketball courts, gyms, parks, playgrounds, and retail stores. In this way, you and your family can enjoy leisure activities at any time.

How far is the house from the best leisure destinations?

It’s also a good idea to find a vacation home near popular recreational destinations so you have plenty of fun things to do. You might want to look for a location near beaches, golf courses, resorts, or parks. But note that such a location can also attract tourists during high seasons, which can make the area busier and less peaceful. If you don’t mind, you can go ahead and buy the property.

How far is the house from essential facilities?

Besides the proximity to places where you can expect to relax and have fun, check how close your potential holiday home is to essential facilities. These include supermarkets, shops, hospitals and churches. Although you won’t be staying at the property every day, it will give you more peace of mind to have easy access to these facilities while on vacation. Plus, you’ll want to be close to these facilities if you plan to make your vacation property your permanent home when you retire.

The size of the holiday home

Another thing you need to consider is the size of your vacation home. Just like buying a real home, you will need to assess how well your vacation home will meet your family’s needs. A two-bedroom villa-style home might be ideal if you are a family of three. However, if you have a lot of children (or even grandchildren) or plan to invite a lot of friends, it will be better to buy a larger vacation home that can fully accommodate your family and guests.

Property maintenance requirements

Besides the initial investment to acquire and furnish your holiday home, you will also need to invest in the maintenance of the property. You will need to pay for utilities such as internet, electricity and water to get all the comforts of home on your vacation property. Over time, you will also need to perform regular maintenance, repairs or upgrades to keep the space comfortable. This includes replacing old appliances, cabinets, and flooring as they age. That said, make sure you’re prepared to take on the responsibility of maintaining a second home before making a final decision.

Owning a vacation home has many advantages. But again, be sure to weigh your options before you finally say yes to such a big investment. Otherwise, you might not enjoy your vacation home as much as you thought. Consider the factors mentioned here when buying a new vacation home, as they will help you determine whether or not the property you are considering will fulfill its purpose of being the perfect getaway.