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3D virtual reality, the next step in buying a home – Spring Hill Advertiser News – The Daily Herald


As the residential construction boom in Spring Hill continues unabated, so do the expectations of potential buyers for accelerated purchases.

Some go so far as to buy houses without physically entering them, but use the next best option: 3D glasses. Familiar to gamers, these virtual reality devices have also been adapted for home visits in 3D VR.

A good example would be Désirée Simonetti. A year ago her husband was notified of a transfer. Two days were enough to buy a house. Desiree Simonetti made the trip to Spring Hill to quickly search for homes and places while her husband stayed behind.

“I was feverishly browsing the market. It was intimidating trying to find a home, ”said Simonetti.

After “falling in love with the quality you get as standard” with John Maher Builders homes, Simonetti contacted her husband who also works in the construction industry.

“It’s the builder. The price is right for the market, ”she said. “He asked, ‘How can I look at him? And I said to check out Van Woody [of Exit Realty’s] website. My husband was very, very comfortable with what he saw. He said, ‘do it. Contract the house, ‘invisible view other than the videos. “

Since buying her house, Simonetti is now also an employee of John Maher Builders.

“We were so impressed with Desiree when she bought her house and explained her story that we hired her for our marketing. She has been a real asset, ”said Van Woody.

“I also have training in the building industry. I was in sales and just in the process and communicating with the staff the opportunity presented itself and John thought I would be a perfect fit and here I am. There was no planning involved. It just happened, ”Simonetti said.

Woody explained the benefit of VR video for buying a home.

“I have worked in the housing industry for over 30 years. Before, we took pictures. Lots of agents in our company will take pictures and stitch them together and call it a video. What we have been doing for over ten years are real videos. 3D takes it to another level. Now you can actually “walk” around the house. For lack of a better word, it’s a game-changer, ”said Woody.

Inexpensive 3D glasses can be purchased for $ 15 to $ 20. The most expensive goggles are in the range of $ 100. All of them can be used simply by downloading a free or very inexpensive app that splits an iPhone screen into two images that combine in the glasses while the iPhone is placed inside the glasses.

“Most of them are universal – they take 90 percent of the phones that are out there. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you just need to scan the QR code on the back of the headset and in five minutes you walk through a John Maher house, ”Woody said.

“Dollhouse views” are also available on Matterport.com for those without 3D glasses in which special cameras take panoramic images of each room. These images are built into a full view of the house, without a roof, which can be viewed in a manner similar to that of a dollhouse.

“The difference between using technology with glasses and what’s available online is that if you use your laptop, you don’t get a fully immersed experience. You can simply click on the link and browse it from your computer. It still gives you the 3D experience of being able to look up and see the ceiling and look down and see the floor, look left and right and see what the cabinets look like in those spaces, more than that. ‘a standard video because you can control where you walk and cross the house,’ Simonetti said.

“You don’t need to have the helmet. A lot of people don’t like this feeling, this total immersion. So you can also use your computer. You can literally walk the whole house step by step and at any time, look up, down, turn right or left, ”said Woody.

Whatever one chooses, the drastic shift in the outlook for a possible home purchase was seen as a distinct positive.

“We are getting really good feedback. We make the transition and add instead of removing. We have about 100 videos online of John Maher Builders homes and how we build homes, ”said Woody. “It’s a tool we use to help out-of-state buyers, especially when they come to visit and then want to see the updates. I can still take a short video and send it. Her husband was one of the many cases.

To start viewing the houses, please visit bit.ly/wadesgroveprices.


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